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Tsoutsouras canyon

In South Crete and more specifically in the area of the Municipality of Viannos, at a distance of 25 km, there are more than 10 gorges. One of them is Tsoutsouros gorge. A beautiful and technical canyon, suitable for beginners and children (older than 12yo).

Troula canyon

A few kilometers east of Tsoutsouras gorge in the eastern Asterousia Mountains is the gorge of Troula. Because it is right next to the larger gorge of Tsoutsoura, but geologically similar and smaller, the first group that secured it by crossing it, jokingly named it Tsoutsouraki (meaning little Tsoutsouras). Troula (Tsoutsouraki) is a technical and beautiful gorge, suitable for beginners and children (over 12 years).

Panagia canyon

The canyon of Panagia (Virgin Mary), is located in the southern part of Crete, parallel to the gorge Xerofarago and takes its name after the former monastery of Panagia Keralimeniotissa located at its exit.


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