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If there is any substantial change in our Cookies Policy, we will notify you with a new message when you enter the Website. If we make a substantial change to our Cookies Policy, we will ask you to accept it again. 1. What is a Cookies Policy? With this Policy, our Company provides to the users / visitors of its Website, information regarding the use of Cookies on this website. In particular, we inform you about the meaning of Cookies, the category of Cookies, the source, purpose and duration. 2. What are Cookies? Cookies are small digital text files which are sent from the web server to the user (browser) of each user, in which they are stored when the user visits the Website 2. What kind of cookies do we use: We hereby inform you that we do not use Performance Cookies or Promotion Cookies on the website This means that we do not place cookies on the devices of the Users of the website order to analyze the effectiveness of the design and presentation nor for the purposes of advertising our Website. On the contrary, on our Website only the absolutely necessary Cookies are used to support the necessary functions of the website. Without the storage of the specific Cookies, the Website can not operate safely and uninterruptedly, with the result that the user does not enjoy the level of security and usability that he seeks. These cookies are stored in the user’s browser without the possibility of rejecting them for the reasons described above. The rejection of these Cookies results in unsafe browsing and the absence of full usability of the Website during the user’s browsing, with the result that the user can not use all the features of the Website safely.

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